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Episode 9: How Similar Are The Microbiomes Of Identical Twins?

Identical twins are an interesting case study because while they have 100% the same DNA, they often vary widely in everything from their hobbies to their health issues. That was certainly the case for Lisa and Alana Macfarlane, two identical twin DJs, better known as The Mac Twins.

Though they currently live in London, the twins originally grew up in Scotland eating foods that didn’t do a whole lot to help their gut health. Years later, as adults, they participated in a research study that analyzed the contents of their microbiomes. The surprising results catapulted them on a new quest to learn all about their own gut health, and eventually, to launch The Gut Stuff, a platform dedicated to breaking down the barriers between microbiome research and the public.  

People have devoured information from The Gut Stuff through online features like “Ask A Nutritionist” where visitors can ask any question for free, and in-person at their sold out supper clubs and events.

On today’s show, they talk about that initial discovery that shocked them to their core, and why they became so passionate about topics like poo. They also tell Andrea what they’ve learned after talking to thousands of people in the UK about gut health and dish on their plans to make 2019 their most inspiring year yet.

To check out The Gut Stuff, visit the website at www.thegutstuff.com or follow the twins @thegutstuff and @themactwins on all platforms.

On this show, you’ll learn:

  • Who are the Mac Twins? (1:15)
  • Before getting started, their knowledge on gut health (4:51)
  • How the UK has dealt with gut health information (5:48)
  • What was their diet and lifestyle like, previous to getting studied? (6:57)
  • How the experience led to a diet that they can both best follow (8:37)
  • The ways the diet changes led to improved health (10:47)
  • What their diet looked like as kids growing up in Scotland (12:53)
  • Biggest surprises/most interesting things that they have learned along the way (13:38)
  • The biggest gut health misconceptions that they encounter (15:30)
  • The Mac Twins plans for 2019 (16:46)
  • Are their DJ lives crossing paths with their gut health lives? (18:17)
  • What they are most excited about moving forward (19:34)

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