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Episode 31: Dealing With Disease? Check For Fungus

Recently, scientists discovered strains of fungus in pancreatic cancer patients. This sent shockwaves through the media, but the fact that fungi can cause disease is nothing new to today’s guest. 


Doug Kaufmann is the host of the popular TV show, Know The Cause, a program that educates viewers on the wide range of health problems associated with fungi. He’s also authored 12 books on the subject of fungus and ill health, including protocols for battling fungus and reversing chronic conditions. In addition, Doug has worked in clinical nutrition with various physicians for over 22 years.


On this show, Doug talks to Andrea about how he first discovered the link between fungi and disease, plus breaks down the different type of fungal infections in the human body. He also gives his theory on why this isn’t more widely discussed and why more people than ever before are struggling with fungal infection. 


To learn more about Doug, including how to watch his show, head to www.knowthecause.com



On this show, you’ll learn: 

  • How Doug came to discover fungus as the cause of so many diseases (1:42)
  • Reactions to the fungal infection diagnosis (5:33)
  • Are we seeing increases? (8:49)
  • How we are fueling fungal infection through lifestyle (11:21)
  • The 2 types of fungal infections (12:43)
  • Is Candida overblown? (21:00)
  • How does a doctor know if an infection is bacterial or fungal? (28:00)
  • Are foods like mushrooms and miso off limits? (30:16)
  • Supplementation and anti-fungal medications (35:42)
  • Doug’s day-to-day diet (40:00)
  • More about Doug’s work (44:18)


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