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Episode 29: How To Shop Smart For Prebiotic Products and Fiber

You can’t walk down any aisle of the grocery store without seeing a product touting the benefits of probiotics and (prebiotic) fiber. But have you ever stopped to think that not all sources of probiotics and fiber are created equally?


On today’s episode, Olipop founder Ben Goodwin is on the podcast talking about how consumers can be smart about what they’re buying off the shelves. He and Andrea discuss how to know if a product has been formulated correctly. 


Ben also dishes on the clinical research he’s been doing in the lab, including what he’s learned about prebiotics since we last spoke with him. Andrea also asks him what’s regularly on his plate now that he knows so much more about gut health – his answer may surprise you. 


To learn more about Ben and Olipop, head to drinkolipop.com or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.



On this show, you’ll learn: 

  • An update on Ben’s company, Olipop (1:33)
  • New clinical trials (3:38)
  • In-vitro microbiome testing (9:13)
  • New information on how prebiotics interact with the microbiome (15:23)
  • What’s on Ben’s plate? (20:45)
  • Benefits of different cuisines and spices (22:43)
  • With so many new products available, what should we be on the lookout for? (25:05)
  • Creating not just a beneficial product, but also a palatable one (33:00)
  • A realistic fiber intake range for the average American diet (41:29)


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