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Episode 24: Does Alcohol Impact Gut Health?

The alcohol in hand sanitizer kills germs, but does that nightly glass of wine or celebratory shot of tequila have the same killer impact on our gut microbes? On this episode, Andrea talks with Ruari Fairbairns and Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum about the impact of alcohol on the microbiome. 


Ruari is no stranger to drinking. As a Scottish lad, Ruari proudly upheld the drinking stereotype until he decided to take a break from alcohol. The short shift fundamentally changed his life – so much so that he’s now the co-founder of One Year No Beer, an online challenge designed to help participants skip the sauce. Since inception, OYNB has helped over 50,000 people in 90 countries transform their relationship with alcohol. 


On this show, he talks about how bypassing beer allowed him to resolve his chronic IBS and dishes on how OYNB came to be. Coloring in the scientific details of what’s actually going on in the gut when we drink is our resident scientist, Dr. Ghannoum. He explains how and why drinking causes gut dysfunction, including alcohol’s impact on the gut-brain connection. 


As a gift to our listeners, Ruari is offering 30% off the OYNB challenge. Head to https://oneyearnobeer.clickfunnels.com/optin-26278718 and enter code BIO30 at checkout to get started. Stay up-to-date with Ruari and his team on Instagram @oneyearnobeer, or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Oneyearnobeer/



On this show, you’ll learn: 

  • The backstory of “One Year No Beer” (1:15)
  • The primal urges that affect why we drink (9:03)
  • How long Ruari thought about stopping drinking before he did it (10:16)
  • What happens in the gut when we drink alcohol and when we stop (12:09)
  • How and why issues occur (15:52)
  • How alcohol impacts the gut-brain connection (20:15)
  • How quickly changes happen when drinking stops (26:59)
  • The huge transformations at “One Year No Beer” (29:41)


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