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Episode 20: Using Herbs To Balance Your Microbiome And Detox Effectively

If you’ve been listening to the show, you’ve heard us talk about how antibiotics can wreak havoc on microbial diversity and cause symptoms from minor digestive upset to serious conditions like C. diff. Sometimes, antibiotics are entirely warranted and necessary to keep us alive, but more often, it’s possible to treat common conditions – everything from ear and sinus infections to SIBO – using targeted formulations of botanicals and herbs. 


On this episode, Andrea talks to Dr. Rachel Fresco, the founder, CEO and chief formulator for Bio-Botanical Research about how herbs provide support for localized and systemic microbial challenges. 


In this important and winding discussion, they touch on a number of important points, from how to protect yourself against microbial invasions like Lyme disease to how the gut helps with the body’s detoxification and the role of dental health in gut health. 


To learn more about Dr. Fresco’s company, visit www.biocidin.com. She is also graciously offering listeners free shipping and a free sample of Dentalcidin toothpaste with any order using code BIOHM.



On this show, you’ll learn: 


  • How Dr. Fresco got involved in the world of microbes (1:29)
  • Why botanicals and herbs can be just as, or more, effective as conventional medicines (4:14)
  • Isolated and systemic microbial challenges (7:49)
  • The increase in Lyme disease throughout the country (9:00)
  • The beneficial gut flora when taking botanicals (15:07)
  • How the gut helps with the body’s detoxification (17:12)
  • Research done with the botanicals to prove their effectiveness (22:14)
  • Conditions that don’t respond well to botanicals (27:17)
  • How oral health is connected to systemic health (30:14)
  • Safe entry products to get started (36:13)


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