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Episode 17: Infusion Therapy and The Gut-Brain Axis

Something that isn’t often talked about is that while supplements can be hugely helpful in balancing the body and reducing inflammation, gut issues can seriously impact how well our body is digesting and absorbing these added nutrients. 


Enter infusion therapy. Also called IV therapy, infusions are vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are delivered intravenously so they bypass the digestive system all together. This ensures that they enter the bloodstream and can quickly go to work in the body. 


Today’s guest, Dr. Roxanna Namavar, is the founder of Pretty Healthy, a functional medicine clinic in New York City that specializes in infusion therapy. Her focus is on integrative health, mental wellness and anti-aging – specifically, how we can use customized medicine to find the root cause of mental health conditions and reverse the clock to bring patients onto a healing path. 


On this episode, she talks to Andrea about the gut-brain axis and how the health of our guts is intricately linked to our mental health, including common conditions like anxiety and depression. In fact, did you know that 60% of mental health issues are linked to gut imbalance? 


This show also features a discussion on how to start to balance this axis using therapeutic treatments, such as infusion therapy and diet change. 


To learn more about Dr. Namavar’s practice, head to https://www.prettyhealthynyc.com/



On this show, you’ll learn: 


  • How Dr. Namavar got started in her field of work (1:11)
  • What the gut-brain axis is (3:48)
  • How is the gut communicating with the brain? (6:29)
  • Can anxiety and depression stem from gut issues? (9:50)
  • What the treatment looks like to bring someone back into balance (13:09)
  • Other factors outside of diet that are important (15:58)
  • The difference between her office and a pop-up infusion boutique (20:57)
  • How to find a practitioner in your city (24:37)
  • The gut-brain-skin axis (28:25)


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