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Beat Back to School Germs

Beat Back To School Germs With Probiotics And Vitamin C

Every year around this time, parents begin to anticipate an increased exposure to germs for their kids. While you might think it’s time to stock up on hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand soap, these things could do more harm than good. Antibacterial soaps and sanitizers actually kill the good bacteria along with the bad. This ends up weakening our immune systems by killing off the good bacteria, which leaves us exposed to sickness—what we were trying to avoid in the first place! In order to avoid you or your little ones from getting sick as everyone heads back to school, boosting immunity is essential.

Boost Immunity With Probiotics

About 70% of your immune system resides in your gut. This means that the state of your gut directly impacts the state of your immune system. Other factors besides germs can also weaken the immune systems of you and your children. Poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, and even genetics play a role in the condition of your gut, which also changes the condition of your immune system. Probiotics play a crucial role in helping you maintain gut health by flooding your gut with good bacteria to help control the bad bacteria. But you don’t want to stop with good bacteria. Your gut contains bacteria, as well as fungi. You want a probiotic that not only provides healthy bacterial organisms, but also good fungi to achieve optimal gut balance.

Boost Immunity With Vitamin C

If your goal is to boost immunity, then increasing your Vitamin C intake will help. Vitamin C gives your immune system a huge boost, while also helping to ward off any existing colds or sickness. Did you know that Vitamin C is an antioxidant? This makes it beneficial in detoxifying the body to remove harmful toxins that can disrupt your gut health. Vitamin C is primarily known for its immune-boosting benefits, but it also helps relieve stress and boost skin health. There are so many reasons to increase your Vitamin C!

Meet BIOHM Immunity

BIOHM Immunity is a probiotics supplement with Vitamin C. If you are in need of boosting your immunity, then this is just the support you need. Like BIOHM Probiotics, BIOHM Immunity address total gut balance with both good bacteria and fungi, but this supplement also includes 150mg of Vitamin C in each capsule.

Send your kids back to school without worrying whether you’re taking enough precautions to ward off harmful germs. Preventing sickness starts with boosting immunity, and you can rest easy that you’re getting probiotics and Vitamin C with BIOHM Immunity.